3 Things to Remember About Fabric Sourcing

Fabric sourcing is a crucial aspect of designing any clothing line. Whether you’re setting the color theme of your new collection or selecting the texture, fabric sourcing is an interesting yet challenging process.

Fabric designers come up with the latest color palettes, textures, and printing techniques. Professional manufacturers offer the right fabric to their clients for a high-quality outcome within their budget.

If you’re planning to start your clothing label, make sure you consider these factors when fabric sourcing to reduce production costs.


The fabric you choose for your upcoming collection comprises 60 percent of the total manufacturing cost so make sure you choose the fabric keeping your budget in mind.

Using expensive fabric might give you a luxurious product but you won’t be able to generate enough revenue to sustain your business.

Keep the customer in your mind when setting the price of your product and make sure your production cost doesn’t exceed the purchasing power of the customers. This will not only generate more revenue for the business, but it’ll also form lasting relationships with the customers.

After you’re done selecting the right fabric for your brand, use it for every season to maintain consistency in quality.

Several fabrics in various colors used by women’s clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles


Many clothing manufacturers can create illustrations or design sketches for your apparel collection but not all of them offer technical sketches and virtual 3D sampling.

The outcome of your design might not turn out to be satisfactory, hence it’s important to have duplicate samples for testing each style before confirming the final one.


When you purchase a sample of fabric, keep in mind that the fabric store might run out of it before you finalize your decision.

Make sure you buy fabric from designers or mills that take orders in bulk and have sufficient fabric for your entire collection.

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