3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Garment Production Industry

The garment industry is enormous in terms of human capital, resources, manufacturing procedures, and R&D. All kinds of clothing fabrics, including natural and synthetic varieties, are produced daily in garment factories worldwide.

The industry has gone through various transitions over time. Modern technology and tools have comprehensively equipped the garment manufacturing process. Moreover, the fast fashion trend has allowed numerous aspiring fashion designers to enter the market with minimum barriers.

To help you understand the garment production industry's ins and outs, we're revealing three insightful facts about the world of apparel.

Cotton is the Most Important Natural Fibre Used

Ever wondered how many things around you are made of cotton?

Several products include cotton as a raw material from curtains, rugs, bedsheets to your tops and bottoms.

In the US, the cotton crop generates purchases worth $5.3 billion of services and supplies yearly. It’s the number one value-added crop in America as the economy exceeds $120 billion from the stimulated businesses.

Clean & Ethical Manufacturing Are Making Waves in the Garment Production Industry

A 2018 study by Quantis concluded that the garment production industry accounts for 8% of the global climate impact, resulting in increased greenhouse emissions & carbon footprint. Moreover, the sector faces numerous social controversies that pertain to high natural resources usage and minimum wage requirements.

As a result, more and more brands are adopting clean and ethical practices to reduce their impact on the climate and promote sustainability in their production procedures.

Garment Production MustComply with Local & International Standards

Whether you're a garment outsourcer, manufacturer, retailer, or distributor, your business is liable to comply with all the rules and regulations that govern the local and international textile industry. The most important guidelines are provided by:

·        The US Department of Commerce: OTEXA

·        American Apparel and Footwear Association– AAFA

·        ASTM International  

·        The EPA Textile Manufacturing Sector Regulations

Moreover, the latest CDC guidelines highlight the best practices for garment manufacturers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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