3 Ways to Make Your Fashion Brand More Sustainable

June 23, 2021

As the climate change crisis worsens, fashion sustainability is becoming more of a responsibility and less of a choice. Much of this responsibility falls on brands and clothing lines, especially since brands are now releasing 52 micro-collections instead of only two seasonal ranges per year. For entrepreneurs, even decisions such as which fashion pattern maker to pick can have far-reaching consequences!

Planning on starting your own fashion line? Or do you simply want to make your existing fashion brand more sustainable? Here are five ways you can do that:

Take The First Step –Sustainability Begins with Sourcing and Design

The environmental impact of garment manufacturing begins as soon as you pick your fibers and fabrics, which is why it is important to make the right choice. New and even established clothing lines often don’t pay enough attention to sourcing, which is a crucial mistake when it comes to sustainable fashion.

Sourcing sustainable fabrics isn’t as difficult or expensive as it might sound, and you don’t need to compromise on the product quality either. For instance, Better Cotton Initiative is an organization that makes cotton production more sustainable. You can also choose to source organic cotton with the GOTS certification, so your buyers will know from the label that no harmful pesticides or fertilizers were used in manufacturing your products.

Rethink How You Design Your Products

Choosing sustainable materials isn’t enough as you also need to design products that can not just last longer than the average product but also be reused and recycled. Design choices are crucial to this as you can design products that can have multiple uses, have a longer lifecycle, and can encourage better consumer use through wash and care.

Fashion designer busy in garment sample making

Think Big, Start Small – Reduce Development and Sampling Waste

According to AATCC, 10-25% of textile waste occurs before the product even reaches the consumer. This includes fabrics and trims wasted due to mistakes in development or faulty craftsmanship during garment sample making. This is why it is important to have experienced garment pattern makers. By reducing the waste on your end, you can proudly claim to be a clothing line that relies on sustainable practices.

Make an Impact – Choose Only the Best for Your Garment Production

When you choose a clothing manufacturer for your brand, it’s imperative that you pick one that has the same priorities as you. If your goal is sustainability, you’re better off working with a manufacturer in countries such as the US simply because of the stricter environmental regulations. If your products are “Made in USA,” you are already more sustainable than your competition.

Sustainable products are a win-win because not only are you fulfilling your ethical responsibility, but you’re also standing out from the competition.

If you’re unsure of how to proceed, reach out to us. Lefty Production is the one-stop answer to all your clothing manufacturing needs!

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