3 Ways To Style Denim In 2023

April 18, 2023

Denim is a clothing staple that will never go out of fashion, but it has historically been used in styling experiments that have defined fashion for decades. From 1980s mom jeans and 2000s low-waists to 2010s skinny jeans, denim styling has seen a reimagination that remains unique to the material. This decade has seen a revival of the past eras of denim in a way that fashion enthusiasts are experimenting with denim more than ever. Read this blog to find out how denim is being styled in 2023.

Distressed Denim

Possibly one of the most casual and comfortable ways of styling denim is distressed jeans. Distressed denim is a material that has been processed to give it a vintage look. The material is as comfortable as wearing old jeans. Distressed denim will be a constant presence on the street this year. We will witness baggy distressed jeans with crop tops, button-downs, and T-shirts with footwear varying from loafers to high heels.

Multi-Colored And Patchwork Jeans

For the more experimental people, denim with texture and color gradients will reign. Patchwork jackets and trousers accessorized with leather will be popular in street style and high fashion. Different design patches with various styles will inspire cool and effortless looks this year. Our pick is a multi-textured midi skirt with a casual crop top and long boots.

When you shop for multi-colored and patchwork jeans, you need to keep in mind that this particular denim style will be the statement piece in your outfit. Therefore, go for an item that has universal appeal and can complement diverse moods.

Baggy Overshirt

2 models posing in a denim shoot.

Almost everyone has an old denim jacket in storage. However, it is time to wear a loose denim button-down that you can sport lazily around your shoulders. This piece is versatile when it comes to the number of outfits you can plan with it. The shirt can be worn with cocktail dresses and goes well with sporty looks.

Denim's multifaceted styling potential makes it a treasured fashion staple for casual buyers and fashion enthusiasts. A fashion line planned around the people's favorite fashion product has to have a balance of unique and regular cuts in different fits and distress levels to be successful.

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