4 Color Blocking Rules to Follow

September 11, 2020

Color blocking is a straightforward fashion trend: it brings together two solid colors that'd complement each other to form a classy and distinctive look. Some of the most appealing features of color blocking are its affordability, comfort, and elegant sight. However, achieving the perfect balance between different color combinations isn't as simple as it seems.
Following color theory and tried and tested combination techniques, here's how your clothing line can stand out from the rest:

Always carry the color wheel

With various color hues circulating a point in the middle, the color wheel is a must-have for all artists and designers. A color wheel helps you understand the relationship between colors; you can use it to find complementary colors or figure out analogous and triad matches.
Since color blocking focuses on blending complementing colors, start by choosing any color on the round instrument, and draw a straight line across it to find its harmonizing tone. If used correctly, the color wheel can be a useful instrument in putting together your apparel designs.

Primary color combinations work almost all the time

The fall '20 New York Fashion Week saw a return of the classic solid colors, including fire-engine red, margarine yellow, and royal blue. While some designers chose to remain subtle with limited color combinations, others went all out with thrilling compositions. If you're new to the apparel designing line, take inspiration from the gurus and stick to primary colors. They are the key to create jaw-dropping designs.

A monochromatic look is the easiest to create

If you're confused by the gazillion color blocking practices found in books and articles, follow one rule and one rule only: start simple. A monochromatic look is the easiest to create. Pick out your favorite top and pair it with similar colored bottoms. You can also choose to tone down one of them for a more dramatic look. Remember, variations in shades and tints can make all the difference to your outfit.

Neutrals are your friends

While designing your apparel, never underestimate the power of neutral hues. A dash of neutral colors in the form of nude pumps, black jewelry, or a cream jacket can dramatically improve your dress's overall look. Remember to market your looks in this manner!

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