4 Colors You Need for Your Fashion Brand This Season

Colors are a powerful tool when it comes to the world of fashion. There is even ample research to back up the claim that colors impact our emotions and well-being. Moreover, the perception of these colors also tends to be universal. That’s why you can detail a striking narrative by incorporating the right colors into your summer fashion line.  

However, the fashion industry is fast, dynamic, and unpredictable. So, sometimes it can be difficult to conceptualize your fashion line completely. That’s why we’ve rounded up some colors that your brand needs this summer.

Periwinkle Blue or Veri Peri

This color is going to be seen everywhere in 2022, from high-end couture to street fashion. That's because this vibrant yet classy hue was announced the color of the year to bring cheer as we go through unprecedented changes.

By incorporating this hue, you can create a line that exudes confidence. That’s because the color has red’s passion and excitement mixed with blue’s constancy. So, it’s bound to be a staple for all wardrobes this year.

Add Some Greens

In 2021, we saw various shades of green in everyone's wardrobes. And why not? Green showcases vibrancy, joy, and health. Green is also one of the most prevalent colors on the runway ramps this year. That's because designers are exploring all shades of green, from saturated neon to gentle lime.

Light pastel green is definitely more prominent this year as it’s associated with summer and spring. This shade is also great in-between for something more subtle but still not bland like nudes.

Softer Pinks

Bolder shades of pink momentarily replaced lighter pinks like bubblegum pink, but they made a grand comeback! Bubblegum pink is the middle ground between hot pinks and pastel pinks.

However, pastel pinks are dominating the ramps and high-end couture. This shade showcases a light touch while making your design line look fresh and captivating. After all, don’t pastel pinks remind you of a flower garden in the summer?

That’s why you should definitely add powder pink or bubblegum pink to your design line for spring and summer this year.

Summery Yellows

How can you make a summer line without cheerful yellows like lime and daffodil yellow? That's because these yellows display spontaneity and youthfulness associated with the season. These colors surely scream summer because of how bright and happy they are, and they'd fit your design line perfectly. That's because this season, we're seeing more vibrant colors dominating the fashion industry.


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