4 Garment Pieces for Your Clothing Line to Transition from Day to Night

March 15, 2021

Are you planning to create a multi-purpose clothing line that your clients can wear during the day and night? Great idea! Research has shown that clothing affects a person's self-confidence, communication, thinking and behavior.

As a fashion start-up, you want to maximize your products' utility by giving your clients versatile garments that they can easily transition into at any time of the day. Here are different wardrobe pieces you can include in your clothing line to transform it from day to nightwear.

Wrap Dress

Whether your clients are headed to a morning presentation or a night on the town, a wrap dress is a perfect piece to add to your clothing line. It can be paired with different accessories that are either suitable for office meetups or non-work occasions.

The best part about this above-the-knee piece is that it can be used to achieve a youthful outlook while at the same time bearing an appropriate look for female professionals of all ages. Depending on the occasion, it can also be paired with chunky jewelry and bold footwear to perk up this traditional dress.

Stacked-Heel Boots

Loafers may offer comfort and look great during the day, but what if your clients are looking for elegant shoes suitable for night events? This is where stacked-heel boots come in!
You can refine your clothing line by including these sophisticated, lustrous boots that blend comfort and fashion. Heavy-heeled rounded-toe boots can be suitable for colder months, while high-heeled cut-out kicks are great for warmer months, whether you're displaying a casual or formal clothing line.

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Jersey Jumpsuit

One-piece outfits are a no-brainer if your clients are looking for outfits that require minimal effort. Jumpsuits are the kind of outfit that can make anyone feel they're dressed up while offering the same comfort that a night suit does.

You can market it as a weekend look with low-key accessories or even as casual office attire. All in all, it's the kind of ensemble that can be worn during the day and the night with a swanky pair of heels.

Culotte Trousers

Skinny jeans may have been part of your clothing line last year, but culotte pants should be added to your apparel line since they're the perfect lower wear during the day and night.

These sleek and stylish trousers can work well at a day picnic or a dinner party, offering your clients flexibility and comfort. They can be worn at casual events with white trainers and a striking t-shirt or a silky blouse with sophisticated jewelry at a formal occasion.

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