4 Growth Strategies for Your Emerging Clothing Brand

January 25, 2021

The clothing industry is massive, and it keeps growing. With over three billion dollars’ worth, the global textile and garment industry is the world’s most flourishing enterprise. Clothing brands for custom-made menswear and womenswear experience 12% to 14% growth annually.

It can be challenging to break into the fashion business as a new clothing brand due to the ever-growing competition of the fast-lane industry.

This is where outsourced clothing manufacturers come in. They can significantly expand your business with their development, design, and production services.

Here’s a list of some other practical strategies to scale up your new clothing business.

Create a Killer Website

This digital era has several opened doors of opportunity for e-commerce businesses. As more people shift toward online shopping, it becomes crucial to have a trustworthy, user-friendly website for customers that provides easy access to your products with all the necessary details.

The author of #GirlBoss and the founder of Nastygal, Sophia Amoruso, introduced her clothing brand on eBay in 2008, which took off when she started her independent e-commerce website. As a result, her revenue went from $28 million to $100 million by 2012.

A killer website will help consumers scroll through your clothing designs more conveniently, allowing them to make purchases without a hassle.

Launch Your Campaign with a Giveaway

Rewards and giveaways are extremely powerful for providing your clothing the exposure it needs in its initial stages. While most brands prioritize increasing their sales in their initial period, enhanced brand exposure through unique giveaways can guarantee long-term sales and growth.

Come up with innovative ways to reward your new (or old) customers. These can include your brand’s products or small accessories to make someone’s day. It’s critical to promote your giveaway campaign on all your digital platforms for maximum exposure.

Promote Body Positivity

Consumers love diversity and inclusion. If your clothing designs only consist of “straight-sized” outfits, you must consider expanding your size range. The fast fashion industry has been overlooking plus-sized women for years. However, the industry’s progressive changes indicate that the market for plus-size clothing has reached $17.5 billion in America alone.

Famous clothing line Modcloth saw tremendous growth when it introduced its diverse range of plus-sized clothing. Promoting body positivity with various clothing sizes for most of your designs can undoubtedly make your brand stand out.

Hire A Top-Quality Clothing Manufacturer

As an entrepreneur wanting to launch a clothing business with custom made clothing, you’ll need extensive designs of your own. Partnering with a high-quality clothing manufacturer will turn your designs into products.

You can guarantee efficient business growth by hiring a reliable clothing manufacturer that provides design consultation, pattern making, garment production, and marketing services, supporting you at each step of the way.

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Establishing brand loyalty by producing top-notch clothing designs will be your most influential growth driver. Let us at Lefty Production Co. help you get started with our consultation, development, and production services at affordable rates. We’re a leading women and men’s wear manufacturers in Los Angeles, helping new brands grow. Learn more here.

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