4 Things You Should Look for When Buying a Swimwear

Model Yasmin Geurts describes a good bathing suit as love at first sight, and we can’t agree more. However, with so many swimwear and bikini manufacturers available in Los Angeles, it gets confusing to choose the right one.

To make your swimwear purchasing seamless, we have listed a few important considerations to make when shopping.

1.    The right fit

45% of people find it hard to find the right fit when shopping for swimwear. Sometimes what looks good on a hanger might not look good on the body. Therefore always try the bathing suit before buying it. Measure your bust, waist, and hips to find a swimsuit that fits perfectly and, most of all, complements your body type. It must not be too tight as it can expand after getting soggy from the water nor too loose that it looks unflattering.

2.    The right type

Choosing the swimsuit suitable for your particular body type is essential. The type of swimsuit you should buy depends on what swimming activities you’ve planned. A string bikini would be good for tanning, but you might need a full piece swimsuit with thick straps and long sleeves for sun protection when surfing. Different activities demand different clothing items; therefore, choosing the right type is essential.

a lady in a bikini sunbathing

3.    Quality

Fabrics and colors are also important considerations when choosing bathing suits. In a survey, 53% of people rate quality as the most significant factor when purchasing swimwear. Darker colors create a delusional slimming effect. Avoid thin fabric, as it will become translucent when wet. Test the stretch and compression to assess the quality of swimsuits to ensure they can last for years.

4.    Always size up

Before entering the dressing room to try the most elegant swimsuit, always take two sizes: one that fits perfectly and one size larger. There is nothing more depressing than trying on a swimsuit that fails to capitalize the assets. It is always better to go down a size than going up.

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