4 Types of Wedding Dresses

July 12, 2022

Wedding happens just once, so brides are more conscious about choosing the right dress. Before hitting different bridal stores, it’s essential to do some research the market to analyze which style perfectly fits your body. There are hundreds of different styles of wedding dresses that you can wear on your special day and here’s a list of them to help you decide.

Ball Gown

Do you wish to feel like a princess on your big day? A ball gown comes with a fitted upper body, a full skirt, and a cinched waistline. A ball gown is a dramatic wedding dress that makes you look flawless at every moment of your day.

The best thing about the dress is that you can be as playful as you want with it. You can add more fabric such as lace or tulle to give it an exceptional flair. A classic ball gown is an amazing choice for a wedding day.


In case you’re looking for a dress to show off your curves, then a mermaid dress is a perfect fit for you. The dress is fitted from the top and bottom, and has a flare at the end of the dress. You can add as much material as you want to the dress to give it a mesmerizing look. This dress also looks great with a long tail, so don’t forget to add that!


Another great type of wedding dress is the strapless one that is extremely popular among modern-day brides. It shows off your shoulders and arms, so this dress is the perfect fit for summer and spring weddings. You can also flaunt this dress in colder months if your wedding is an indoor event.


A bride wearing backless wedding dress

Looking for another amazing wedding dress style for your wedding? Well, nothing beats a backless wedding gown that is perfect for all seasons. It’s a silhouette dress filled with elegance and breathtaking designs. You can get this dress in a neutral color, or try another color for a more unconventional choice.

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