4 Ways COVID-19 Will Impact The Fashion Industry

July 17, 2020

The pandemic has affected businesses across the globe,forcing them to revamp their business models to survive. And the fashion industry is no different. To survive—and thrive—fashion brands will need to change their approach.

The world looks on as the fashion industry reinvents itself to combat the impact of COVID-19.

The rise of online retail

Online shopping and e-commerce have grown to be quite popular over the last decade. And their popularity and growth soared further post-lockdowns. Brands closed down physical stores to protect their employees from contracting the virus, and with outlets closed and lockdowns imposed, consumers only had e-commerce to turn to shop for clothes.

With consumers now getting accustomed to digital shopping, e-commerce is likely to grow in the post-COVID era. Brands will have to maintain a robust digital presence and connect with consumers to be successful.

Virtual supply chain

The lockdowns disrupted the fashion supply chain. China went through a complete lockdown before Europe and the US, which majorly impacted sourcing and production. With factories being shut down, work and business processes also slowed down, impacting schedules and timelines.
Some brands adapted and reinvented themselves by using digital and virtual tools to create and showcase samples. Digital prototypes were created and replicated. Once approved, production started.
With digitalization, brands saw reduced fabric wastage, reduced pollution, and lower lead times. The concept is promising and allows brands to deliver sustainably, promoting ethical fashion. Leading fashion experts believe that virtual supply chains could be the future of fashion.

Virtual catwalks

Showcases and catwalks went virtual too. While designers could manage to get their pieces on display, showcasing them became a problem with social distancing being implanted
Leading designers sought to showcase their collection through virtual catwalks. Virtual look books were created to model stunning outfits. Digital fashion allowed brands and fashion enthusiasts to transcend physical limitations. We can expect the trend to take off even after the pandemic ends.

Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion practices were on the rise already. But as the pandemic raged on, consumers got even more involved with supporting ethical and sustainable brands.
There had been concerns about workers in South Asia being underpaid and a lack of proper work conditions in production factories. With these countries being hit hard by the pandemic, people are advocating for better rights and wages.
The pandemic has also caused a decrease in consumer spending, especially with regard to luxury retail brands. In such situations, brands that are working toward reducing their footprint and committing to ethical fashion will be favored.
The post-COVID world might see a reinvented fashion industry that uses digitalization and technology to cut back on its environmental impact. As a fashion startup, establishing a digital presence and incorporating digital tools in the production process can be hard to navigate.

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