4 Ways to Style Palazzo Pants

May 24, 2021

Culottes are wide-legged pants that flare from hip to ankle. They play a bit of a recurring role in the fickle world of fashionable apparel, having made their comeback only recently because apparently, we were all just one pair of skinny jeans away from committing fashion suicide.
However, this time, palazzo pants appear to have ‘extended’ much further as many athleticwear manufacturers have adopted them in their designs.
So, let’s see if there isn’t one for your height and body-type after all. Spoiler Alert: there totally is.

T-shirt Over Stripy Calf-lengths

A no-brainer, this style will suit everyone no matter where they lie in the spectrum of body-types or how tall, or short they may be.
Take any plain t-shirt out of your closet and pair it with these pants. Sport them with Vans if you want to give off a laid-back impression or heels if they strike your fancy.
If you have a beach party to attend, you can even turn it into effortless swimwear by pairing the pants with a bikini top.

The Ol’ Switcheroo

Traditional culottes can be just as fun, if not more so, than striped ones. They may not have as wide a berth as their modern counterparts, but you can still make them work no matter what size or height you are.
To stop your plain pants from turning you into a Plain-Jane, turn the previously mentioned style on its head, and buy yourself a striped shirt and crossbody handbag instead. Tuck the front of said top into your pants and let it fan out at the back.
As for the footwear, we are partial to tennis shoes, but by all means, have fun with it.

Tank Top with a Printed Palazzo

If you want to channel your inner hippie, get an ankle-length palazzo that’s printed and pair it with a plain tank top or sports bra.
In case it wasn’t obvious enough, this look was made for a day at the beach, so it would look right at home with a bikini top and a pair of slippers.

Classic Black and White

A match made in heaven; we bring the less adventurous lot of you the safest choice on this list: black formal.
Take a white shirt and black pants, and you have all the makings of passable work or party attire. You can experiment with a pair of red heels or keep it simple with sneakers. A handbag wouldn’t be so bad, but make sure it’s on the smaller side.

Activewear Palazzo Manufacturing in Los Angeles

Culottes have only recently entered athleticwear territory and having quite a moment. This has led many fashion brands to our doors.
As manufacturers of men’s and women’s activewear, we know how to design and produce palazzos and pair them with handbags and accessories.
So, schedule an appointment with us and profit from the latest in the world of glamorous apparel.

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