5 Best Fashion Accessories to Own in 2021

June 2, 2021

Do you ever buy something that’s at least one season too old? It’s more common than you think, which is why you need to seize the day, or, as it is in this case, the accouterments while they are still fresh out of fabric design.

Be one of the first this year to catch up to these up-and-coming accessories.

Net Bag

Net bags are suitable for anything that needs air, like produce. They are also sustainable, unlike plastics. But there is also a fair case to be made for carrying them whether they serve a purpose or not.

See them as the new tote bags because you can carry them anywhere from the beach to the bookshop to even your hairdresser’s.


Who are we kidding? Scarves have always been around, but they do seem to be MIA since the last summer. Then again, COVID-19 robbed us of one, so who knows? Maybe it did pop up here and there.

A scarf can be plain or sport a clothing pattern; it can be worn on your person, like your neck, head, hair; you can also tie it around your purse straps to give your accessory new life.

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are so underrated, maybe because they get overshadowed by their livelier cousin, the sun hat. While the latter isn’t too bad, its dorkier counterpart serves just as well to ward off the sun.

You can wear them plain in black or khaki or have an apparel manufacturing company make you a patterned one, say with elephants or flowers.

Wireless Headphones Case

Many brands, like Gucci, have been coming out with AirPods cases, which come with a keychain or a make a cute micro-purse when you attach the long strap to a peg.

The material that your AirPods come encased in is scratch-prone. Until Apple catches up to it, you can have fun with cases available on the market or have one ordered from a fashion manufacturer. They do appear to be here for the long haul.

Face Mask

We suspect face masks aren’t getting off any lists for a long time to come; might as well make peace with it. You can wear one with a clothing pattern or even a bedazzled one instead of those depressing surgical masks.

Personalized Merchandise and Accessory Manufacturers in Los Angeles

We made a niche for ourselves in the PPE market when COVID-19 drove demand so high supplies ran out overnight. Our apparel manufacturers now produce masks, and pattern makers continue to make them look trendy.

We can label and etch soft and hard accessories, which we can also help manufacture. From leather bags to luggage tags, we can realize anything you conjure up.

Schedule a meeting for a fabric labeling consultation today.

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