5 Clothing Trends for Men in 2021

July 9, 2021

Men’s fashion is getting increasingly innovative as the new floral designs and vibrant tops break the old stereotypes and dress codes.

Summer is the perfect time to redesign your wardrobe and instill some emerging trends in your usual dressing style. So, Lefty is here with some selected menswear trends that are worth including in your closet this season!

Trend # 01: Florals

Floral prints for men completely make sense in summer 2021 as the incredible fusion of the 1970s is back. These shirts may seem eccentric to you, but they’re practically more wearable than they sound.

Famous fashion brands like Burberry and Tom Ford are already on board with florals. To perfectly nail this trend, we’d recommend choosing one signature floral piece so that your overall look remains subtle yet trendy!

A man wearing a floral fabric design shirt

Trend # 02: The Nautical Style

The fashion trends in men’s wear have been taking inspiration from the sea for long. Finally, the Brenton tops, fisherman beanies, and anchor-covered knit sweaters have integrated into man’s fashionable clothing line.

From Gucci to Dolce & Gabbana, big brands have embraced the nautical style in their t-shirts collections. If you don’t want to dress up yourself fully in the nautical style as it may give ‘fisherman’ vibes, we recommend wearing at least one piece of nautical-inspired clothing item this season.

Trend # 03: Mid-Wash Denim

Dark and bold denim is almost every man’s staple clothing item. Unfortunately, when the weather becomes warm, the apparel becomes practically non-wearable.

But this season, we have good news for all denim lovers! Mid-wash denim is a great alternative, a little lighter and more casual. The apparel has appeared in some bigger brands’ collections and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Trend # 04: The Bomber Jackets

As the name implies, bomber jackets are baggy, waist-length, and casual outwear intended to be a big hit this season. These bomber jackets are just as classic as they appeared in the 1970s. They’ve become less maximalist, adding a dapper tinge to your overall appearance.

Trend # 05: Big and Bold Bermuda Shorts

Finally, bermuda shorts are the latest men’s wear trend for beaches and outdoors.

Leading brands like Casablanca, Zegna, and Gucci have featured bermuda shorts collections in soft hues and dark patterns. You can style this trend perfectly by keeping the shorts just above the kneecap and complementing it with the right footwear.

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