5 Color Combinations That Will Never Go Out Of Style

April 8, 2021

When it comes to clothes, choosing one shade for an outfit is difficult, but finding the right color to pair it with is a whole other challenge. Luckily, there are some timeless combinations that’ll make your decision easier:

Navy Blue and Yellow

Being a neutral color, navy pairs well with a popping yellow. This combination is perfect for Sunday brunches, high teas, or even a daytime wedding. Whether you choose navy high-waisted pants with a tucked-in yellow shirt or want to switch it up with a yellow blazer and a navy skirt—both ways, these colors are a strong style statement. Gold chunky jewelry and accessories work best on this combination, giving it that chic look.

Red and Black

If we’re talking about timeless classics, then red and black are definitely on the list. These two bold colors are meant to be together in the fashion area. They’re great for business formals and even activewear. You can choose any shade of red, and it’ll go perfectly with black—a match made in heaven indeed. This combination gives off a powerful vibe, perfect for boss ladies!

Pink and Red

Moving on to bolder, brighter tones, pink and red is a combination that speaks volumes! These may be often considered clashing shades, but they’ll create a stylish and chic look when you pair them together. The pink Barbie factor is balanced by the spicy and sexy red tones, making it a combination perfect throughout the year. Both gold and silver jewelry work well with this combination.

A pair of blue jeans with a pink top and white sneakers

Baby Blue and Pale Pink

Pastel colors became a hit in 2019, but they were worn by women far back in the 1980s. These colors were usually chosen for their everyday outfits due to their subtle and soft nature. One timeless combination is pastel blue and pink. It’s something about these colors that’s exceptionally appealing and soothing at the same time. If spring were an outfit, it’d be blue and pink in color! Blue bottoms are usually paired with pink tops, but switching it up will work just as well. A pink lace blouse with a pastel blue jacket will have heads turning.

Beige and Maroon

Neutral colors like beige need a push with a dark, bold color like maroon. This color combination is always a hit as it enhances all skin tones and is perfect for both day and night time events. The trick to adding some more excitement to this combination is to use different textures and shades. Finish it off with some gold jewelry for a classic outfit.

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