5 Colors That Sell All Year Round

January 11, 2021

Choosing the right color for the right occasion can be tricky. In fact, Research has shown that color is the primary deciding factor for 85% of shoppers. Can you imagine missing out on most of your clients because you launched a clothing line in all the wrong colors? The horror!

Statistics also show that shoppers decide to buy a product within the first 90 seconds. Out of those, 62%–90% of their assessment is solely based on colors. See what we mean?

But here’s where it gets complicated: colors work like a double-edged sword. They can have multiple emotional effects. So while yellow generally gives off a positive and happy vibe to the wearer, it can also be a little hard on the eyes. Here’s how you can navigate these waters by choosing colors that blossom all year in your fashion lines.

Basic Black

You’ve probably heard the phrase, when in doubt, wear black. We agree. This is the one shade customers are willing to buy at least one pair of because it goes with everything. Whether you’re advertising for men’s wear or lingerie, or you’re marketing for occasions like office parties or dates, garments in this shade will fly off the racks either way.

A study found that the majority of items sold, were in black and that this dye was 2.4 times more popular than white, which was the second most popular color. So, if you haven’t already included these colors in your clothing line, you may want to start doing that now.

Sage Green

A fashionista in women’s wear wearing a green fur jacket with sunglasses

If you’re looking for a versatile but balanced hue for your clothing line, this is the one for you. You can pair this with white, navy, yellow, or even pink—and it would still look amazing! The good thing about this hue is that it doesn’t fall in either extreme of being too loud or too bland. Think military shade or even pale sage. We can see your clothing line filled with field jackets or pocketed overcoats!


A woman in white bridal wear pointing toward the camera.

You cannot go wrong with this. White is an incredibly safe bet because it is a multi-purpose color that works for all kinds of events and seasons. Your clients can wear white pants to an interview or an engagement party at any time of the year. Can you see your clients donning an outfit in this color any of the four seasons? We can.


A girl in a red blazer leaning against a lamp post.

As a fashion business, you need to prompt your customers to buy your products as often as possible. This color entices feelings of excitement, passion, and energy. But if overdone, it can get pretty old pretty fast. You can use it in your clothing lines, but sparingly. Another way of going about this is to balance it with a tranquil color, like blue or pairing it with earthy tones.


A woman in a brown coat standing near the water.

While brown may not seem like the most exciting color in your clothing line, studies say otherwise about its effect on purchasing. Research has found that achromatic colors like black, grey, white or browns are purchased more frequently than the colors of the rainbow. It’s known for indicating security and support, so you may want to reassess this hue.

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