5 Qualities Of A Reliable Garment Manufacturer

June 26, 2023

Your designing experience is largely impacted by your choice of manufacturer. Here are a few garment manufacturer qualities you should look out for.

Designing garments can be a drastically different process for different manufacturers. While some manufacturers only maintain a production contract with clients, others provide holistic packages, including sourcing, design assistance, strategic pricing guide, etc.

For new designers, it is crucial to enter into partnerships with manufacturers that understand your vision and limitations as a person entering the field. This blog will discuss garment manufacturer qualities you should look for when choosing one for your fashion line.


Flexible Order Quantity

Most manufacturers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) they generate pricing for and don’t accommodate the pricing for fewer garments. For new brands that are not mass-producing yet, this can affect their expenses and increase their production costs. You want to work with a manufacturer that allows flexibility in order quantity.

Experience With Different Materials

Let’s say you are working on athletic wear. It makes intuitive sense to use the services of an activewear manufacturer or one that has fulfilled orders successfully for the material you’re using for your designs. Look at their portfolios and decide if their products match your vision. This reduces the risk of unexpected hiccups in production.

Meets Your Brand Ethics

If you want a sustainable brand with ethical sourcing, you want to ensure your manufacturer shares that vision. A manufacturer has certain sources they usually get their required materials and supplies from, and if you enter into business with them, you probably will be using these sources, too, for fabric procurement. You must ensure that the sourcing of textiles and the factory's production processes align with your brand values.

Provides Strategic Help

A key garment manufacturer quality is how hands-on they are with your fashion line. Do they regard your experience while making suggestions or your brand? Do they help you navigate through the complicated parts of production if you’re new? Will they help you with the pricing of the line or assist in design? You want to answer these questions before entering into a contract with a manufacturer.


Suitable Production Processes

There are two major types of production processes: full package production (FPP) and cut, make, trim (CMT). The former offers a holistic production package from design and sourcing to supplying, while the latter only produces garments from fabric. Both production processes have their benefits for designers. What is more suitable for you depends on your needs.

These are the clothing manufacturers qualities we believe are most important for new designers.

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