5 Tips for Creating Inspirational Mood Boards

September 23, 2020

Mood boards serve as great directional tools for creative designers and experts. They help consolidate ideas and inspiration, and can even work as a tool to pitch your ideas to other departments at work.
With digital tools and platforms, creating mood boards now is easier than ever. Not just designing but collecting resources also becomes more manageable. We’ve put together some tips that’ll help you create inspirational and exciting mood boards.

Image Dumps

Collect all images that you like and save them. At this point, you don’t have to think about how they will go together, the aesthetics, or the organization. With a treasure trove of images ready at your disposal, you can then start creating your board.
The collection of images helps save time later as you organize pictures. You will have the best ones in a single place to choose from, and you can play around with them until you finalize the board.

Inspiration On The Go

Inspiration can strike anytime and anywhere; it doesn’t have to be limited to your computer screens. While you’re outside, take pictures of anything you find interesting or what stands out for you.

Don’t always wait for a new project to do your research or brainstorming ideas. Keep a lookout for them all the time. Follow aesthetic accounts on Instagram and Pinterest, and save what you like. This collection of random images might offer you the inspiration you need for your next line.

Ask Why  

Digging deep about the inspiration behind the mood board is essential. Successful fashion brands have an idea or a purpose behind a particular collection, and this helps them boost and maintain their brand name.
Think deeply about your idea and envision why it’s essential, and what problem does it tackle. Translate the visuals to your mood board so you can easily communicate this to others in the team too.


Colors are known to invoke emotion and moods, and these work brilliantly for designers. Color forecasting is incredibly helpful for designers to narrow down the colors and tones they want to play with the next season. Choose colors, and you can add images to support the mood on the boards. Also, attach a reference to Pantone codes you’ll be using to save time later.

No Limits

When creating a mood board for a fashion line, it isn’t necessary to stick to cloth, materials, and prints. You can add any pictures that help visualize and support the idea behind the fashion line. Use images of prints, photographs, and don’t limit yourself to fashion images for the mood board.

Creating an inspirational mood board is the first step in your next fashion line. Let our design experts and professional pattern makers help you bring your fashion ideas to life. At Lefty Production Co, we are dedicated to assisting clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles in any way we can. Connect with our consultants today to explore our services. Learn about how one of our fantastic clients, Lasette Lingerie, excelled in their business in this piece about them featured in Vogue.

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