5 Tips for Simplifying Swimwear Manufacturing

August 20, 2018

The one clothing category that comes to mind when we think of summer is swimwear. With domestic sports and swimwear revenue at $12.881 billion, the sports and swimwear industry is expected to grow annually by 3.8 percent (CAGR 2018-2021) across the country.

On the global level, the swimwear market is likely to hit $24.3 billion by 2024 due to rising demand for beachside vacations and healthy lifestyle activities, such as swimming,  

Fun and stylish, swimwear is one of the most versatile garments for women. Designing and manufacturing a swimwear collection is an exciting process. But, if you’re new, you may find it challenging.

These five key steps are essential to your swimwear manufacturing process:

Sourcing your fabric

Producing top quality swimwear requires a strong, lasting fabric. Finding the right type of fabric for your swimwear design is crucial.

When buying fabric, focus on its color, breathability, weight, and elasticity percentage. It would be even better if you could find a material that has UV protection.

Test the weight and elasticity of the material. A very thick material, for example, is heavy and can be uncomfortable to wear, while a very thin fabric can lose elasticity and not provide enough support. Color is a matter of your personal preference. Keep in mind, light fabric is see-through and often requires lining.

Sourcing your trim

Due to the sun’s heat, a metal trim can get hot on the skin. Plastic is a much better choice. Similarly, black or nude bra foam can prevent the discoloration of the swimsuit. Also, attach removal sanitary liners to protect against fluids and germs.


Grain line is a crucial element of swimwear design. Even if you’re using a 4 way stretch fabric, grain line matters. Your pattern pieces should be on the grain before cutting.

In many cases, the grain line runs horizontally – along the length of the fabric –not vertically, from selvage to selvage. But, it can vary if you are using a specific patterned fabric.


One way to get the perfect product fit is by creating a sample. And not just one sample but multiple samples. A sample is used to test the fitting and feel of swimwear.


Making a swimwear collection is very different from other types of apparel. It is a totally different ballgame as it involves cutting stretchable fabric into small pieces.

Therefore, you need to find a manufacturer that has the knowledge, expertise and equipment to give life to your swimwear designs.

Before placing an order, ask the manufacturer for a sample to ensure that the quality meets your standards.

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