5 Top Trends In Fashion Manufacturing Technology to Look Out For

March 18, 2019

Technology is advancing at a faster rate than even before. Some have even compared this era to the industrial revolution of the 1800s. The same applies to technology in the fashion industry.

Here are the leading fashion manufacturing technology trends you need to look out for:

1. Machine-Learning

Machines have had the capability to learn and adopt human behavior for a while. Today the use of advanced algorithms has completely changed the way manufacturers gather information, perform skilled labor and in some cases even forecast consumer behavior.

The most advanced machines can even predict industry trends such as patterns, colors, styles and silhouettes.

Industry giants like Tommy Hilfiger are partnering with tech companies like IBM and the Fashion Institute of Technology to create AI systems that can forecast trends, optimize production and sales while limiting waste and reducing costs.

2. Supply-Chain Optimization

With increasing competition, companies are under immense pressure to manufacture goods at short lead times.

Companies that can afford to produce goods in-house can enhance supply chain efficiency and increase speed. When processes such as design, sourcing, sample production and shipping happen in the same place, it reduces the lead time sufficiently.

When everything happens under the same roof, all teams share the same information and the production runs a lot more smoothly.

3. Robot Designs for the Manufacturing Floor

The fashion industry has been using robots to perform repetitive tasks on garment assembly lines for decades but new age robots have a lot more capabilities than their predecessors. Advanced robotic technology is equipped with agility and memory. New robots may not completely replace humans but they definitely do make them more efficient workers.

In certain dangerous situations, robots can replace humans and keep them safe.

4. Rapid Data Analysis For Quick Adaptation

Factories can now provide companies with real-time feedback and notify fashion houses of defected/damaged goods, allowing them to reduce waste, address problems earlier and deliver well-made products in the right time frame.

5. Automated Laser Cutters

Automated laser cutters involve using laser beams to burn and cut materials in a way that minimizes waste and the production of lint. Using automated laser cutters leaves garments with clean, sealed edges that do not fray.

In the future, processing systems are expected to get faster and the use of automated laser cutters is expected to increase.

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