6 Factors That Will Affect Your Garment Price

September 17, 2018

Multiple factors affect the retail price of garments. You may have a stunning design, but the price tag could keep your brand from succeeding.

However, by taking control of the factors affecting price, you can take preemptive measures towards keeping the price within a suitable range for your target market.


The cost of fabric contributes to 60 percent of the retail price. Know the price per yard, before designing flowy dresses for your next season’s garment line. Each buckle, binding, and bow added to the dress will incrase the retail price. Control price by keeping fabrication in check.


Similarly, every type of stitch will incur a cost of its own. Although specialty stitches, finishes and seams may enhance your design, they will also necessitate additional labor and fabric consumption. Weigh in all your options when bringing a design to life. Choose a sustainable option that offers quality and affordability to consumers.


Factors like location of manufacturing and style of manufacturing highly impact retail price. For example, a garment that is hand stitched with a special stitching technique will cost more than a dress with simple stitching. Similarly, different styles of garments e.g. lined garments, legging or flat lock seaming will be done in factory with expensive machinery.

Stitching, hemming, printing and cutting require labor and machinery. If these skills or resources are scarce or located further away from you, the retail price is likely to increase. Therefore, it’s always recommended to find a domestic garment pattern maker, designer and manufacturer. This will lower your total costs.


You will see economies of scale at play here- The higher the quantity of your fabric the lower will be your production cost. How?  Buying goods in bulk is almost always cheaper than buying good individually. Plan and produce your designs in a way that is cost-effective throughout the production process.

Test and wash process

Garments procured for production often need to be washed and tested before production begins. Washing and testing cost extra. Ask about the rates before placing an order.

Trimming, accessories, print or embroidery

All types of trims, embroidery and accessories have an additional price. When ordering printed fabric, provide your merchandiser with print dimension and quality. Both these factors will contribute to your final cost.

Producing apparel as you’ve envisioned requires a lot of commitment. Provide your merchandiser or manufacturer with exact specification of fabric finish, fit, and aesthetics, and budget your spending wisely.

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