6 Tips For Starting A Handbag Line

October 12, 2018

The handbag is generally considered to be the foundational accessory. A great handbag can give new life to an outdated outfit and really complete a look.

Because they are essential and as popular as ever, demand for handbags and purses is expected to surge over in the coming years. Recent stats show that the total global revenue in the bags and accessories segment stood at $79.1 billion in 2018. That number is expected to grow 11.5 percent annually through 2022, which will result in total market revenue of $122.1 billion.

If you are considering starting your own handbag line, there’s no better time than now to turn your dream into reality. Here is everything you need to know to launch a handbag line:

Determine Your Product and Audience Needs

This may sound simple, but it isn’t. Your product idea should cater to your target audience’s needs and be compelling enough to make them purchase the product.

There are countless handbag styles—satchel, clutch, tote, saddle, crossbody, backpack and more—available on the market.

One way to figure out your product idea is by considering the desirability, use, and functioning of the product. How will it add value to the lives of your target customers? What is the main selling point of your product?

Research your market, main competitors, as well as your target audience thoroughly. Comprehensive research can help you get a better understanding of the type of product you should create.

Calculate the Price Point

Next up, determine the price point of your handbag line. What should be your target price point?

Once again, conducting market research is imperative for determining your target price point. Consider the material, fabric, design of the product as well.

Draw Sketches

Once you have a clear concept about the type of handbag collection you want to create, it is time to draw sketches. Keep in mind that most emerging designers start with more than 10 sketches.

By this stage, you should have a clear idea about the look, material, measurements, functional parts, hardware, and other details about your handbags.

Make a Pattern and Sample

Developing your bag starts with a pattern, which transfers your 3-dimensional creation into 2 dimensional material.  Then a sample, or prototype is cut and sewn so that you can assess your vision in real life.

Choose a Reliable Manufacturing Company

Research fashion manufacturing companies extensively to determine whether they understand your creative vision and have the know-how, resources, and expertise to deliver top quality handbags which will set your brand apart in a highly competitive handbag and accessory market.

 As a leading apparel and accessory manufacturing company in Los Angeles, Lefty Production Co. offers complete handbag design, development, and manufacturing solutions under one roof. Our services include sample making, cutting, packing, and much more.

Apart from handbags, we also specialize in creating children’s wear, women’s wear, men’s wear, swimwear, active wear, maternity, wedding dresses and bridal gowns.

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