7 Summer Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2022

June 30, 2022

Summer’s here but is your wardrobe ready?Carry your summer style with 2022’s most awaited fashion trends because there’s nothing more chic than wearing a style that feels like you.

Here are what we’re looking at for the summer of 2022:

The Rise of Green

Green has dominated the runways this year and will give your wardrobe a great pop. Experiment with shades of green in all that you have: from accessories, and shoes, to scarves, hats, and dresses.

Y2K is Back

We all know that fashion trends never die, and the renewal of Y2K is just proof of that. Hop onto the trend: buy metallic jackets, tiny bags, preppy skirts paired with crop tops, bubblegum pink shades, and denim everywhere. 

a woman wearing a yellow sundress

Knitwear Tops

The warmth and coziness knitwear offers is not to be ignored. When you’re looking for a comfy fix of clothes, you can style a chunky knitwear top with jeans for a simple, sleek, and stylish look.

Buzzing Neons

Because, why not? We’ve spent two years battling the pandemic, and now that the world is alive and alight, it’s time to make heads turn. Neon will give you that sizzling fresh look that’ll be a sight to see, so go with neon cuts and illuminate yourself.

Luxe Swimsuits

Summer and pools. Summer and the sea. This season, go ultra-chic and dress up in detailed swimwear that’ll bring out the confidence in you. Hint: bright hues are in so add color to your swimsuit wardrobe today.

Sport Pieces

Let’s not forget the comfort athleisure wear gives us. This season is all about leisurewear, sweatpants, and tracksuits.

Bras as Tops

A quick fix for days you can’t invest too much time on looks: wear minimalistic bras as tops. For the greatest impact,style them with full coverage pieces like oversized blazers, jackets, suits,pleated skirts, knitted sweaters, and more.

Stylish Summer Dresses

And of course, essential summer dresses to make your season a breeze. There’s so much variety to choose from: zip lines, sundresses, maxi dresses, and more. Whether you’re going to the beach, on a date, or at work, you can’t ever go wrong with a summer dress.  

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