A Bridal Designer’s Guide to Suiting Up

July 26, 2021

Gender fluidity has opened the fashion world up to many options, with what used to qualify as men’s wear is now making its way into women’s garments and vice versa. The wedding industry hasn’t exactly been immune to this androgynous revolution, but bridal suits have yet to find their big break.

Here’s how you can be the first designer to achieve a complete line of feminine wedding suits.

The Wide-Legged Affair

Throw away the top in this off-white blazer and wide-legged pants ensemble. Make sure the blazer aligns with the waistline and the plunging lapels end just where the coat ties at the front. Add the final touch with a couple of front pockets.

Follow the bridal drill for detailing and keep it uniform, from blazer to pants. Leave it out if you’re using something with a bit of shine.

The Semi-Presley

What’s the second thing that comes to your mind when you think of or hear the name, Elvis Presley? While his signature quiff would always take first place in our imagination, flared slacks are probably the second-most noticeable feature of this style icon.

We want you to take these pants in all their white glory and make those your bottoms and pair them with a strapless corset in a sweetheart neckline that ends just where the pants begin. As for the details, keep the bottoms plain and go to town on the top corset.

A Bride Posing in A White Floral, See-Through Jumpsuit

The Coat Trail

Coattails are to men’s suits what trails are to bridalwear. Why not mix the two with a business in the front and party in the back ensemble?

You can take inspiration from a pianist’s tailcoat and go with a cropped look at the front and a trail at the back. Finish it off with a pair of slim pants. Alternatively, you can go with a full-body piece like a jumpsuit or catsuit.

The Lacy Peplum

The tradition of lace bridals dates back to the 19th century when Queen Victoria wore a lacy affair to her wedding. It gave rise to an everlasting trend without which your bridal line would be quite incomplete.

Pair plain, high-rise slacks with a peplum top. Make sure the flare is low enough that it aligns with the pants. Keep the sleeves long and see-through, the back high, the neckline plunging, and deck out the entire top in a lace detail of your choice.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race in Los Angeles

As clothes manufacturers and advocates of the Slow Fashion Movement, we believe that any women’s wear or men’s clothing made with fair trade practices is a surefire winner. So, once you’re done with your wedding apparel designs, let us take over pre-production and production.

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