A Turning Point in Fashion: PPE Chic

May 28, 2021

Closed for Business

A year ago, the American fashion industry was under the pump; the Olympics were nigh, and every brand was scrambling to get their spring collection out in time.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, China had come under the grips of a highly contagious—if not deadly—pandemic of which news reached the US but as mere whispers.

These murmurs reached a crescendo as the virus entered into and spread like wildfires throughout North America, making lawmakers to order closure of all non-essential businesses, which included anyone who dealt in fabric like children’s and men’s wear manufacturers.

Dwindling Supplies

The pandemic increased Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use for those on the front lines and beyond.

However, supplies were not enough to meet the demand because the country that provided them just so happened to be ground zero and was too busy meeting domestic demand to cater to global needs.

A Man Wearing PPE, Reading A Newspaper

Rise to the Occasion

The government rushed to find alternatives to secure protective equipment for its healthcare sector. As a result, FDA approvals became available to anyone even slightly related to the textile manufacturing and tailoring industry.

Clothing lines were among the many who decided to grab onto this opportunity. They bought the machinery to manufacture these specialized products and applied their experience in a rapidly-changing industry to the change that making protective N95 masks and bodysuits required of them. They provided them within weeks, working day and night, and saved countless lives in the process.

Ebb and Flow

As things normalized in China, so did the chain of supply. Unfortunately, it also made it clear that the government had learned nothing from the past year. Depending once again on foreign imports, especially when the pandemic was still raging and turning away its own, it once again left the fashion industry empty-handed and with no way to make ends meet.

However, as the Biden Administration came in, so did the concept of Made in America, which once again made it possible for local menswear, activewear, and other manufacturers to continue producing and supplying protective equipment.

Marta Miller – The LA Manufacturer Who Could

We rank among the many manufacturers who came to the rescue by designing and producing medical-grade N95 masks for the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and then to many other healthcare centers and hospitals around the country.

After finding our sea legs, we plan on embarking on a deeper exploration of the undiscovered land that has become COVID-appropriate attire. There has been an increase in demand for personalized PPE from many airline companies, so it is quite obvious where our next milestone lies: PPE fashion.

Still every bit a bridal fashion and activewear manufacturer, we plan to give our existing expertise a new dimension and pave the way forward for a new normal in women and menswear manufacturing.

For those of you in need of PPE apparel as customized as it is safe for the front lines, book a consultation—dare to be different.

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