Activewear Trends You Don't Want To Miss This Year

March 6, 2023

Activewear fashion has changed since the Covid-19 lockdown. People are now increasingly drawn toward athleisure as their lounging and workout apparel as opposed to restricting activewear to just the gym. Several influencers have jumped on the bandwagon and made activewear a lifestyle wardrobe essential that they can wear to casual and formal outings. Read further to find out what is trending in activewear fashion.

The One-Piece Wave


A woman wearing a dark blue dress while holding a tennis racket.

Be it a jumpsuit, a tennis dress, or what is now referred to as a 'biketard' (a child of bike shorts and leotard); one-piece clothing is making all the noise in activewear today. Paired with converses or running shoes, they make for an effortless outdoor for running errands.

Although they are not exactly new for those who have kept an eye out for gym fashion in the past couple of years, we expect they are here to stay for a little while longer. All leading brands know this and are getting on board with this activewear fashion trend.

90s Eccentricity

Only Taylor Swift comes back stronger than a 90s trend. The 90s have a special, nostalgic value in the heart of millennials. The decade's fashion was the first thing their young and impressionable minds registered, so it is only natural that 90s fashion looks are being recreated 30 years later.

Think bold neon colors, flared sweats, and Princess Diana's bike shorts, the last of which has completely taken over Los Angeles' influencer circle with its chic and sporty aesthetic. As far as activewear fashion trends in 2023 go, the 90s style inspiration is here to stay.


A woman in a dark sports bra and neon tights sitting before a weights shelf at a gym


Conscious Activewear

As the world collectively moves toward a higher awareness of the fashion industry's impact on the planet, the conscious consumer becomes the hot demographic for brands to cater to. This demographic is ditching old-school virgin and artificial fabrics in favor of recycled nylon and organic cotton.

Green and ethical sourcing is a hot trend in activewear fashion, although we hope this grows to become more than a trend. Conscious fashion may be trendy, but it is also the only way we can save the environment from the detrimental effects of fashion waste.

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