Athleisure 101: All You Need to Know About Athleisure Fashion Trends

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and often dying as quickly as they pop up. At least that’s how trends usually work. But athleisure is not like the ‘70s bell-bottom jean trend or the ‘80s hairstyles. They’re probably here to make a bigger statement.

In fact, the athleisure fashion market in the United States was valued at approximately 105.1 billion US dollars in 2020. It’s only projected to grow more than 113.4 billion US dollars in the coming year.

This blog gives you an insight into this fast-growing trend and why it’s important for your clothing brand.

Athleisure Timeline

Most people consider athleisure to have originated from yoga pants. But Jane Fonda started this trend back in her 1982 workout VHS tapes. Many companies also made significant waves in the athleisure wear trend in 1998. But celebrities like Beyonce and Kanye West have made the trend popular in the last few years.

The style is now making waves for its comfort, practicality, and stylishness. Athleisure fashion can safely be called the new jeans!

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes such as sneakers or gym shoes are the embodiment of athleisure fashion. They are a vital piece to complete your look. Most athletic shoes are from brand names that can cause a dent in people’s pockets. In the fashion industry, shoes are more than an accessory; they’re probably just as important as an athleisure outfit.

Tops and T-Shirts

These comfortable shirts can be fitted or baggy and come in various lengths. You can wear any top that can be worn in the gym and go perfectly well with your sweatpants.

athleisure fashion

Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies are a signature to this trend. They can be thrown on to go run errands, as are comfortable and stylish. Crewneck sweatshirts in solid colors also look good when mixed with other styles.


They are worn by even those who don’t actively participate in the athleisure trend. But other bottoms like colorful yoga pants and jeggings are also athleisure essentials.

Athleticwear manufacturing is getting widespread attention. Thanks to the pandemic and remote working, people are flocking to buy yoga pants in search of comfort wear. If you’re thinking of manufacturing athleisure for your brand, consider Lefty Production Co.

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