Blockchain in Fashion: Is it Already Here?

December 16, 2022

Blockchain has altered the scene for numerous firms all around the world. When businesses, including security, entertainment, finance, and several corporate organizations, started welcoming cryptocurrency some years ago, clothing manufacturers weren't far behind.

We're pretty sure you've seen Elon Musk or Paris Hilton endorsing this, but if you haven't, blockchain is a collection of digital information-carrying blocks. These blocks contain transaction-related data, such as who is engaging in the transaction, the date, the time of the transaction, etc. Each block contains a unique data collection and is identifiable by a distinct "HASH" code.

To overcome several problems, garment manufacturers and the entire fashion industry must embrace blockchain. Here's how blockchain is impacting the garment sector.

Supply Chain Transformation

Blockchain technology offers a decentralized, person-to-person system that connects all players in the value chain. This includes clothing manufacturers, design firms, raw material suppliers, transporters, retailers, customers, and others involved in the supply chain.

Since it's not reliant on a single company, blockchain has eliminated all potential of failure by giving a more ethical supply chain. Transparency is being viewed differently by consumers and businesses. Over time, customers began to want openness; they like to discover the history of their garments.

As a result, businesses began to concentrate on decentralized design and manufacturing. Due to blockchain, companies began emphasizing sustainability and distribution network transparency to promote sales.

a brand positioning plan


Modern Perspective On Brand Positioning

With blockchain comes the transparency factor. Every garment manufacturer, retailer, and buyer needs transparency nowadays. Every individual involved with your brand is curious about your backstory.

We're all aware that customers have the ability to either build or destroy a brand. This transparency has allowed several clothing companies to shift their business models from linear to circular. Now, they actively reduce their waste and appropriately dispose of it.

The fashion industry embraces technology to create sensor-equipped clothing. This is where companies reposition themselves as sustainable gameplayers by modifying their business model.

The New ABC: Apparel, Blockchain, Customer

Clothing companies love the blockchain because it lets them quickly obtain information from fiber suppliers, processors, producers, exporters, and retailers. Furthermore, blockchain data on raw materials and production processes can be utilized to monitor the sustainability and legality of products.

Clothing brands can safely interact with customers about the entire product story for each item. Now, buyers and sellers may verify the authenticity of any branded goods.

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