How to Build An Identity For Your Apparel Line

March 25, 2019

After you’ve finally launched your apparel line, your next challenge is to market it in a way that attracts customers.

Unless you have access to ample capital, most of your marketing will happen over the internet through digital channels.

As online shopping continues to grow, it’s become simpler for small brands to reach out to potential consumers over the internet instead of investing in traditional marketing.

There’s a lot that goes into building an identity for a new apparel line, but we’ve narrowed down a few surefire ways that help you do this quickly and effectively.

Let’s take a look at some of the strategies you can use to build brand identity online:

1. Create a Catchy Tagline

The greatest fashion brands have catchy taglines that have stood the test of time. Whether it’s Nike’s “Just Do It” or Adidas’ “Impossible Is Nothing,” effective taglines instantly add personality to the brand.

Taglines give your target audience something to connect to emotionally; they’re also the first building-block of marketing concepts. Nike’s “Just Do It” has been the foundation for some of its most inspirational ad campaigns.

2. Tell a Story Through Social Media

As a small brand, you may not have the finances to invest in large-scale traditional advertising; however, you can take full advantage of social media channels.

Social media platforms have emerged as powerful marketing tools for companies. That being said, most companies haven’t figured out how to use these social media channels effectively.

Unless you have a strong grip on digital marketing strategies, it’s best to leave social media marketing to the experts. Consider hiring marketing professionals to help you reap the benefits of digital platforms to increase your ROI.

3. Launch a Giveaway Campaign

When you first launch your brand, you need to think about the different ways you can maximize exposure in the first month.

Many brands are so concerned with short-term sales in the first few weeks of a launch that they undermine the long-term effects of maximizing exposure.

There’s no easier way to attract customers than to give them free products! Giveaways have proven to be an effective marketing technique to gain momentum in the first few weeks of a launch. Think of unique ideas for giveaways and support them with strong campaigns on your website and social media platforms.

4. Find an Online Brand Ambassador

Social media is filled with brand influencers that have millions of followers. Screen the internet to see if there’s an influencer on social media that resonates with your brand’s message and consider hiring them as an ambassador to create sponsored digital content.  

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