Celebrity Fashion—3 Celebrity Style Icons to Take Notes From

Let’s be honest, putting together the perfect outfit is far from easy.

Similarly, many brands sometimes can’t find the right inspiration for their new clothing lines. That’s when we turn to the glamorous celebrities of the industry who always get things right.

There is so much we can learn from fashion icons and apply them to clothing lines. And it’s a sure-fire way to attract more customers too!

That's why we've rounded up things we can learn from celebrity-style icons.

Be Elegant Like Victoria Beckham

This fashion icon turned designer has come a long way since her former Posh Spice days. Her style has also evolved with her career and is becoming better with time.

Victoria is a fashion icon because she isn't one to disappoint with her fashion choices. She seamlessly plays with timelessness and trendiness, which sets her apart from others. That's why her outfits are sleek and elegant but never boring. However, her feminine and sophisticated approach to fashion is what shows her prowess as a bonafide fashion trailblazer.  

Her chic ladylike dressing with classic pieces like little black dresses, monochromatic colors, and heels make her unlike anyone else. Not only does she keep it classic, but she also knows how to use proportions to her advantage.

That's why we can learn from her how to use clean lines, add timelessness to clothing pieces, and always add the right accessories. Additionally, black is always superior when you style it right!

Be Dramatic Like Sarah Jessica Parker

We can't have a fashion list without mentioning the queen Sarah Jessica Parker. She has been an ultimate trendsetter since the '90s from her Sex and The City days. And what cements her name in the hall of fashion queens is that she isn’t afraid to take a fashion risk or two.

From her innovative and ground-breaking looks on the red carpet like her tartan dress at the 2006 Gala to her New York-style off carpet looks, there isn't anything SJP can't pull off with tons of glamor and style!

So, take notes on how she seamlessly blends comfort with high-end fashion. Or how you can add a touch of avant-garde to outfits for some much-needed drama.

Break Fashion Rules Like Rihanna

Okay, so most people aren't Rihanna, and they might not be able to pull off all trends as effortlessly, but we can surely learn from Rihanna how to flaunt our style and make fashion more fun. Not only are Rihanna's onstage looks unexpected, but she also stuns just as much while she’s off-duty.  

If there is one style that we can adopt from Rihanna, it's grunge glamor. It's sure to add some fearlessness and avant-garde touch to our regular outfits.

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