Clothing Line Collection Ideas: How to Gather Inspiration

April 19, 2019

Inspiration can strike when you least expect it and before you know it, you’re making magic. But sadly, sometimes your inspiration well may be as dry as a desert. It can be hard to find new ideas when your routine stays the same; going to the same places and having the same conversations day after day with the same people.

Creative people interpret the world around them in different ways. Many fashion brands look to other brands’ clothing collections for inspiration. But , there’s a fine line between finding inspiration and copying something.

If you find that your inspiration has dried up and that your ideas are starting to stagnate; try finding your muse in the following places.

In Nature

Nature can be and has been a fantastic source of inspiration for countless designers. While you probably won’t be hit with inspiration just by looking at a tree or a sunset, you can always find something of interest in nature. You can find particularly great inspiration for interesting color combinations that you never thought might work together.    

In Culture

Fashion designers throughout the ages have been drawing inspiration from the wellspring of culture. Whether you’re studying your local culture or a foreign one, you can find a number of aspect to inspire you. A rich culture will offer you amazing ideas. Many Japanese designers, inspired by their culture, use Japanese motifs in their clothing collection.

From Architecture

Architecture is another great art form that can offer you a number of great ideas for your clothing collection. Elegant and intricate architectural sights, the combinations of colors, the patterns, and the silhouettes can offer great inspiration for haute couture catwalks.

Simply put, inspiration is all around you; you just have to look. Venture out and you’ll find a number of things that spark creativity within you.

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