Common Mistakes To Avoid in the Garment Manufacturing Business

You’d be hard pressed to find a fashion brand or designer studio that gets everything right during the production process. Partnering with a good garment manufacturing company is only the first step. Maintaining a consistent and clear line of communication is essential if you want to avoid unwanted delays and common misunderstandings.

Here are three common mistakes you should do your best to avoid in the garment manufacturing game.

Underestimating the Significance of Sampling

So, right from the top, sample-making is arguably the most important step in clothing line development. It would be a costly mistake to underestimate its importance.

If you aren’t completely familiar with the process of sample-making, it typically involves around eight samples for each design— the proto sample, fit sample, sew by, pre-production sample, sales or showroom sample, performance test sample, sizing sample, and shipping sample.

The point of a tech pack is to ensure that your garment is manufactured according to your specified requirements and measurements. So, once you ensure that your tech pack includes all the necessary details, all that’s left is making sure the samples you receive from the garment production company are up to your standards.

Ignoring the Effects of Small Changes

When it comes to garment manufacturing, you cannot underestimate how even small changes will disrupt the production timeline. Subtle changes and small edits to your designs can easily prolong the production process and delay your deliveries.

This is because many of the designs need to be completely re-sampled from scratch. Factories usually learn about the changes when they are about to go in production. The re-sampling they are then required to do delays the entire process.

Make sure that when you make edits, you remind your manufacturer several times. You will need to send in a new tech pack, so don’t delay making it. Highlight all the changes clearly and boldly.

Being Underprepared for Shipping

You’d be surprised at the number of times designers and dressmakers forget that they need to budget in shipping and customs costs. To prepare for shipping you’ll need to factor in potential timelines, costs,supplier relationships, shipping methods, and more. Consult your production company to verify all your estimates.

Whether you’ve recently dabbled in fashion designing or are seasoned veteran, it’s always helpful to have a fantastic garment manufacturing company as your partner.

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