Creating the Highest Quality Winter Jackets: What Your Fashion Label Needs To Know

December 25, 2018

Winter jackets are made to keep you comfortable even in the dead of winter. They not only help you withstand harsh winds, sleet, and rain, but also heat your body even when you’re not in motion. Such pieces of good winter apparel need to contain thick insulation and be lightweight.

Elements of Quality Winter Jackets

How do you know if your winter jacket is the one? As with any other piece of clothing, there are some factors that mark a jacket out to be a top-of-the-line piece. Some of these include:

Outer Shell

A jacket’s shell is a thin, waterproof layer that offers additional protection to the wearer from rain and sleet. This material is usually made out of products like Patagonia’s H2NO to keep you protected against the chilly winter winds.

To keep warm during the winters, look for an insulated shell jacket. Whether it’s winter camping trips or overnight stays, this type of jacket offers diverse protection from the elements.


A great insulator to keep the chill at bay is down feather. This longtime favorite of manufacturers and fashion houses has become a gold standard for warm apparel. It does take some care and maintenance, though.

Customers who know what to look for in quality winter wear know that jackets with down are the ultimate go-to.

The only drawback is that the jackets don’t perform as well under wet conditions. This is why manufacturers often add a weatherproofing layer to the exterior fabric via DWR coating or chemical treatment.

Synthetic Insulation

This consists of plasticized fibers that mimic the insulation properties of down. Choose a manufacturer that has experience in creating synthetic material jackets.

These jackets do not clump up even when they get wet and are a lot quicker to dry. Synthetic insulation, however, may lose its ability to keep you cozy over the years.


Fleece or pile fabric replicates the wool of a sheep. This woven fabric is both attractive to behold and is thick and fuzzy to the touch. It has the water-resistance properties of synthetic insulation as well as the durability of down insulation.

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