Design Development Plan for Fashion Companies — All You Need to Know

Fashion companies usually follow a definite fashion design process to stay on top of their game. A whole lot of budgeting and planning goes into the process. A single dress or a men’s wallet in the shop’s display has weeks of planning and working behind it.

In this blog, we explore all the complete process behind the design and manufacturing of any clothing line.

1- Gathering Information Through Research

This is the first step that goes behind developing the design for any clothes or any product in general. Researching means gathering information through any reliable method, such as market surveys.

In research, fashion companies need to identify target markets. Research could involve questions like the type of material they need, the target audience, etc.

2- Getting Answers Through Analysis

Analysis is one of the most crucial steps of the design and development process. Using all the information from research, you can analyze if you need a clothing article or not. For example, a swimwear manufacturer would have a higher demand in a city with predominantly summer weather or lots of natural water bodies.

Moreover, an analysis can help answer questions about the latest trends, trending color schemes, and how the market’s demands.

3- Determining the Concept

This is the most dominant step of a design development process. Picking up a concept in the initial phases is important so that designers could focus on that.

Designers need a definite concept as it’s easy for new ideas to pop up and clothing manufacturers could go astray from what the original idea was.

4- Working on the Design

As opposed to the previous steps, this step is actually where the magic happens. Now that fashion companies have performed the necessary research, they start working on the cloth designing and clothing manufacturing.

Companies work with clothing manufacturers to choose the fabric, stitch it, and bring together a fashion line for the target audience.

5- Quality Assurance

This steps ensures that the product is up to the company’s, the customer’s, and the fashion industry’s standards. The clothing articles made in the previous steps is tested and replaced or repaired if it has some defects.

This process is repeated until all the clothes are found to be flawless.

Two people checking a shirt

What Could Differ in This Design and Development Plan?

Fashion companies are likely to omit or introduce any new step based on customer feedback or the sales figure. This means any vendors or new clothing manufacturing companies could be hired to improve the product quality.
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