Diversity in Fashion: What to Expect?

June 20, 2022

 Whether it's fashion month or not, the industry has recently showed a great introspection toward diversity. Every new fashion season, we see fashion brands showing progress and becoming more inclusive ethically, politically, socially, and commercially. And this progress is evident in their products that are now loved by millions of consumers all around the world.

Here's what more we can expect from the world of fashion: 

Greater Inclusively, Thanks to the Fashion Council Diversity Reports

There’s more self-assessment going on in the fashion world, giving way to more improvements. Reports by fashion council of America put light to creative and ethical diversity in fashion with stats,industry findings, and statements from leaders. This helps them see which areas of fashion need more focus and work and which ones are soaring.

fashion mannequins on the runway

Increased Gender-Fluidity in the Fashion Scene

Gender-fluid clothing hasn’t had a great run in the fashion world. However, that is changing. The fashion industry is increasing efforts to bring gender fluidity into its circle. We have also seen a rise of independent brands that are focusing on ungendered fashion.

More Diverse Runways

Within the past five years, we’ve seen run ways dramatically change and become more racially diverse. Women of color are steering the wheel across London, New York, Milan, and Paris and changing the fashion game.

Size is Just a Number

Known for skinny models, the runway is now a more inclusive space for plus-sized models. This bold statement is helping women across the world see their bodies in a gentler manner, and is a very big stride forward.

Queer Culture Inspo

Queer is exciting! Some of the most well-known brands are getting inspired by drag and queer culture. The result? Fashion accessories and outfits that are wildly beautiful and exotic. And a definite plus: the young queer community can now stand tall and tear down conservatism.

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