DIY Patternmaking vs. Hiring A Professional

April 16, 2018

Whether you are planning on hiring a professional patternmaker or making patterns on your own, creating a pattern is an essential manufacturing procedure. A pattern deter,mines the fit and design of a garment.

No matter how good a product looks, if it doesn’t fit properly, there is a high chance that people won’t purchase it. While DIY patternmaking may seem cost-effective, it is smarter to consult a professional patternmaking for the job.  Here is how you can benefit from working with a professional patternmaker:

Perform multiple tasks under one roof

A professional patternmaker can work beside the sample team to create an initial pattern that is economical and ready designed with production in mind. Perfecting patterns requires time, technical knowhow and expertise. It’s an incredibly complex skill.

To save your time and money, it’s a good idea to hire a professional patternmaker for making your patterns.

Faster turnaround and well-designed products

Professional patternmakers utilize a variety of advanced machines and techniques to create patterns.  The most advanced software can significantly reduce the chances of fitting errors. As a result, this helps expedite the product development process.

More economical to create multiple patterns

Hiring a professional patternmaker will prove to be an affordable option if you need multiple patterns. Producing a single pattern requires heavy financial investment and mistakes can be costly.  Some factories offer discounts for a larger number of styles. From a financial perspective, it makes much more sense to consult a skilled, trained, experienced patternmaker than to create patterns yourself.

Searching for a reliable patternmaker? At Lefty Production Co., we have years of experience and expertise handling pattern making for countless local and international fashion designers.

In addition to patternmaking, we provide a range of other apparel design and development services, which include fabric sourcing, sample making, cutting, sewing, labeling, packaging and more.

As a comprehensive garment and accessories manufacturing company, Lefty Production Co. develops and produces children's wear, women’s wear, men’s wear, maternity, swimwear, athleisure, home goods, bridal, accessories and more.

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