Essential Leather Items Every Man Should Own

October 27, 2022

All-around usage, durability, raw beauty; Leather has it all. This is the most versatile material that's styled in tons of ways in the fashion industry.

The versatility of leather allows women's and men's wear manufacturers to try all sorts of things. Some may be practical and elegant, and others just bizarre.

That's why we've outlined some of the leather accessories that are essential for men.

1. Leather Belts

Leather belts are the most ubiquitous accessories to own. It's an essential part of most outfits. Besides their functionality, belts can cinch together a look and scream class from afar.

At first glance, most belts may look alike, but you'll know the difference between a genuine leather belt and one made from cheaper stuff. The options are plenty in terms of size, quality, and other additions for visual presentation.

2. Handmade Wallets

The wallet is a basic accessory to organize and secure your cards, licenses, cash, and whatnot.

You can settle for something uninspired and bland. But if you want to have something sophisticated, a handmade leather wallet is your best bet.

They're both functional and statement-making fashion items. The intricacies and time that go into creating a leather wallet make it worth all the money.

3. Leather Watchbands

Metal straps look classy, but leather watchbands exude that rugged and raw appeal.

Unlike a metal strap that rusts or a plastic band that cracks over time, a leather watchband ages like fine wine. Leather watchband develops a unique and robust patina as it ages.

If you pair it with the right watch, the watchband will add the needed appeal to your overall look.

4. Leather Boots

A pair of leather boots is a must. They go with almost every outfit and for any purpose –a hike, a trip to a construction site, or a day out.

The variety is huge in both style and price range. You can find a fine pair of shoes within your budget. The natural quality of leather assures that you have access to excellent footwear.

5. Leather Keychain

Leather keychains are versatile. There's a wide range of color options, but you can customize them instead of buying a pre-made product.

There's also a choice for the type of leather you want for your keychain. For instance, rustic, softer, or tougher material.

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