Features Customers Look for in Children's Wear

November 22, 2021

With every passing year, the children's wear market grows in size. The market value of the children's wear manufacturer market was estimated to be a fully thriving business of 27 billion dollars in 2019. Kids' fashion shows in Milan and Paris gain massive hype during their launch.

The COVID problem seems to be settling down, but there are reports of a COVID resurgence here and there. This reminds us of the times when face masks were a must with kid's wear. Fashion experts insist masks should continue to be a fashion accessory for kids in 2022 as well.

Children's fashion doesn't evolve as rapidly as men and women's fashion does. Durability remains a primary factor that drives children's wear. Designers like Ralph Lauren focus on keeping children's wear as minimal as possible. While the brand experiments much with color, its children's clothing articles focus on girls' and boys' pants, cardigans, and jackets.

Children are meant to have fun in whatever they wear, making certain features a must for kidswear.


Fabric plays a great role when you're opting for kids' wear. While a tulle frock would be perfect for a 2-hour birthday party, you'll switch to sturdier wear for a backyard party or a day at the amusement park.

Kids' wear retailers Neiman Marcus have the most simplistic designs for kids. They're either logoed cotton shirts or simple knitwear frocks for girls.

It's always a safer option to go-with children's clothing manufacturers if you want your kid dressed exactly as you want. From fabric to design prints, we take care of all your kids' wear-designing needs.


The most irritating part of a clothing item is the brand's tag right at the nape. Kids can't wait to get rid of it. Similarly, clothes that are too tight, stiff, and loose are bothersome for growing kids.

Comfort, thus, is a factor you can't avoid in children's wear. Two attributes lead to a clothing item being comfortable for a child.

· The fabric

· The stitching

While cotton, bamboo, and fleece are comfortable fabrics for children, the garment should also be the right size. To be extra sure the shirt will not hamper a child playing in the garden or climbing ropes, get your children's wear stitched by professional kids' wear services in Los Angeles.


Children deserve pockets in almost everything they wear! Be it jeans or a puffer jacket, pockets in children's wear always come in handy. No wonder they store marbles, toffees, and more in their mini cloth pockets.

child wearing pocket shorts

To customize a dress of your choice or print a logo on a boy's garment, opt for our team of kid's wear manufacturers in Los Angeles. We offer design prints for garments and fitting trials for your designed sample. The pattern revision department at Lefty Productions Co works on perfecting the fit of the sample. Apart from toddler clothing, our team's also known as experienced men's wear manufacturers and designing experts. Contact us at: (323) 515 9266 to avail our services.

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