From Seams to the Store

Garment production is a multi-stage process; leading fashion brands with capital take weeks for mass production, while smaller brands might take some time due to limited resources. Here’s how garments are made at one of the leading clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles:


The first step involves fabric sourcing, pattern making, and sampling to see if any changes are needed. Once the designs have been finalized, the garment manufacturer in Los Angeles will buy the raw material to bring those designs to life. Since Lefty Productions Co. has been in business for years, we have numerous trusted suppliers that provide us with a variety of fabrics. Once the fabric arrives, we begin the pattern-making process, where the design is sketched on the fabric. Samples are then made and sewn to look for any necessary pattern adjustments.

a manufacturer working on designing a clothing item on a mannequin

Production Planning

All the activities of the production process are planned at this stage. This guarantees that the work is done on time and we can successfully meet all the deadlines.


Once the markings are made, computerized cutting systems and electric cutting machines are used to cut pattern pieces from the fabric. It is crucial to ensure that the fabric is utilized fully with minimum wastage as it is one of the most expensive items in the manufacturing process.  Laser cutting is a modern technique we use to ensure minimum fabric wastage.

Production and Routine Quality Checks

The time expected to make garments in your fashion line depends upon the intricacy of the designs. If your designs are more complex, we’d need more time to manufacture them. Meanwhile, during the production process, our quality control manager is responsible for timely checks and reporting. Routine inspections are done during production to verify that the materials are being processed correctly. This way, problems are identified and fixed timely. Once the garment production is complete, the client surveys the items and checks for quality issues. Any item that doesn’t meet the quality standard can be rejected and returned to the factory to either be fixed or replaced.

Batch Delivery

Once approved, the rest of the order is delivered to the client’s warehouses.

If you’re looking for apparel manufacturers in Los Angeles to get small to medium batches manufactured, reach out to Lefty Productions Co. We offer multiple services, including laser cutting, sourcing and designing, and much more.

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