Futuristic Fashion! 3 Technology Trends That are Shaping the Fashion Industry

December 14, 2020

Are you looking for ways for your apparel business to efficiently connect with consumers? We've got you covered! Fashion is now increasingly being consumed via social media, with customers looking for instant access to the runway's newest trends.

Fashion industry experts believe that the main trend that'll shape this dynamic business is an increase in storytelling and marketing tactics similar to media productions. Here are the top technology trends that are influencing the fashion industry.

Artificial Intelligence

If you're looking for ways to create a seamless shopping experience for your clients and boost sales simultaneously, AI may be just what your apparel business needs. Touchscreens and chatbots put up in stores provide better product suggestions and the overall consumer experience.

They can also help your garment business gain a competitive advantage by predicting fashion trends and managing your inventory with ease. By drawing data from user behavior data, images and textual narratives from social media, you can make informed decisions about your business and direct your brand accordingly. Automated search discovery can also help you track exact or close matches to your apparel, providing insight into how you can create a competitive advantage.

Internet of Things (IoT)

You can now provide your clients with an improved virtual experience via multi-functional designs, wearable devices and smart clothing that helps them experience their surroundings and interact with others.

IoT can facilitate your garment business's security, inventory management, ability to share data, and become productive and efficient. Some fashion brands have also incorporated built-in sensors in their yoga pants to correct customers' posture.

Your clothing line can now include socks that count calories, steps, and other information or power suits that help elderly users walk with ease and stay active. By combining health benefits with apparel manufacturing, IoT is changing the fashion landscape as we know it.

Mobile Commerce

Eighty-five percent of consumers consider convenience as the primary reason to shop locally. Smartphones are increasingly being used to purchase and sell products and services, with digital wallet options like Android Pay and Apple introducing fingerprint and facial recognition.

Your garment manufacturing business can thrive by adapting to this ever-increasing trend of mobile e-commerce since 96 percent of Americans own a mobile device, spending more and more time online. Your brand can also become prominent in your client's favorite channels with increased visibility and greater opportunities for selling garments and accessories online.

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