Here's Why Cargo Pants Are Here to Stay This Year

March 16, 2023

Fall 2022 saw a 60% increase in monthly user searches for cargo pants right after major fashion weeks. These multi-pocketed pants originated in the 1930s in the British military and were later picked up by protestors during the Vietnam War.

Fast forward to 2023, and the pants are making an entry into pop culture. From Emily Ratajkowski to Bella Hadid, cargo pants have slowly become a high-fashion staple. Men's and women's fashion manufacturers have already picked up on this trend, and it is here to stay. Here is why:

Woman wearing green cargo pants standing before a green car.

They Are Styling Chameleons

Cargo pants typically come in a baggy fit, so they tend to complement different body shapes. Their bagginess also gives them a chameleon-like functionality, fitting almost every occasion. Pair them up with tight crop tops for a casual walk on the street or wear them with a statement jacket alongside some soft glam makeup for an elegant look. They are a convenient styling option either way.

Women's garments manufacturers in Los Angeles produce cargo pants in different styles. You can use them now with a more fitted stitch, ditch the pockets, or go with conventional military camouflage print. They are also available in almost all colors which should give you a lot of room for creative outfit ideas.

Y2K Nostalgia

With the return of Carrie Bradshaw and her fashionista friends from Sex and the City in And Just Like That.., the nostalgia for the 2000s is back in full swing. Experimental fashion with bold looks bordering grunge is becoming the norm on the street. Low-waist cargo pants provide a perfect opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to channel the 2000s without giving in too much to their loud flare. The play on eras, i.e.,the hippie culture of the 70s and the notoriety of Y2K, make for a fun take on modern fashion.


 A woman wearing khaki cargo pants leaning on a sofa

So, there you have it. Cargo pants are to stay in fashion this year. Here’s a tip for you if you are shopping for them in California: try visiting a men's clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles. The androgynous look of cargo pants means you can sport them easily, regardless of gender. You will thank us later.

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