How Does Lefty Ensure Quality Control In Its Products?

August 10, 2023

Ensuring quality control in garments is a priority for manufacturers, involving precise pattern making, thorough fitting processes, pattern revisions, and detailed tech packs.

Quality control is a crucial aspect of garment production, ensuring that the final products meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. At Lefty Production Co., quality control is an integral part of our process, from pattern-making to production. Let's delve into how Lefty ensures quality control in garments during development.

Pattern Making

Lefty's pattern makers have extensive experience in creating production patterns that minimize fit issues. By meticulously crafting patterns that align with the design specifications of the designer, they lay the foundation for a well-fitting and visually appealing garment. This attention to detail contributes to the overall quality control of the final product.

 A manufacturer sketching a pattern on paper.

Spec Sheet

Once the pattern is perfected, we create a spec sheet that provides precise measurements and details of the garment. This document serves as a reference for marking and grading the garment into various sizes later in the production process. By accurately documenting the specifications, Lefty maintains consistency and quality control in garments throughout the manufacturing stages.

Sample Creation

The initial sample is a pivotal step in the quality control process. Lefty delivers the prototype of the garment for fitting and evaluation. This allows the client or fit model to try on the sample, providing detailed feedback on the fit, comfort, and overall design. This feedback is invaluable in identifying any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal quality in the final product.

Pattern Revisions

Based on the feedback received during the fitting process, Lefty initiates pattern revisions to perfect the fit of the garment. This iterative approach ensures that each adjustment improves the overall quality and fit of the garment. Lefty maintains stringent quality control in garments throughout the development phase by paying close attention to the pattern revisions.

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