How Fashion Has Evolved Since the 50s

July 7, 2021

Fashion trends come and go. What is in the highest demand now, tomorrow it's nowhere to be found other than the back of your closets!

Interestingly, it seems fashion also finds its way back. Take the 90s fashion, for instance, and how it has made a comeback in the media and on our racks.

In this blog, we’ve covered how fashion has evolved since the 50s.

The 1950s – The Conservative Fashion

After World War II ended, conservatism and conformity influenced societal norms. However, fashion evolved for both men and women.

The biggest trends of this time were fitted blouses, high-waisted trousers, and round collars. Women were seen wearing hats most of the time that complemented their short hairstyle. Apparel was mostly hand-printed and embellished.

The 1960s – Changing Social Norms

The 1960s witnessed a significant breakthrough in fashion as there was a shift in societal norms, and people advocated for sexual freedom and recreational drug use. The popular trends in this period emerged during the peak of the hippie movement.

People tie-dyed everything, from shirt and pants to headbands and shoes. Additionally, both men and women actively wore turtleneck tees.

Assorted turtleneck apparel hanging in a clothing company

The 1970s – The Bell Bottoms’ Fervor

The floral prints and bell-bottoms, oh my! Hollywood movies and music prominently inspired the 70s fashion trends.

People largely donned bell bottoms as a result of the ‘free love’ movement. Additionally, miniskirts, checkered pants, and floral tops were spotted in almost everyone’s closet.

The 1980s – MTV Fashion Inspiration

During the 1980s, music videos on MTV became increasingly popular. The metallic and fashionable clothing of pop artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna greatly influenced the fashion world.

Some notable fashion trends included hammer pants, jean jackets, jumpsuits, and shoulder pads.

The 1990s – The Advent of Young Fashion

By the time the world entered into the 90s, the fashion world had transformed undeniably. Still, the most trending outfit during that time was grunge!

It comprised of a pair of ripped jeans, loose flannel, and long boots.

The 2000s to Present

The 2000 fashion era is also known as the millennial era. The fashion of skinny jeans, hip-hop streetwear, denim blue jeans, printed tees, and cardigans became popular.

Today, fashion includes everyone in its domain, from children and adults to youngsters and even babies! As society and the economy continue to grow, we hold on to our nerves about what fashion has in store for us.

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