How to Make a Fashion Statement?

Fashion is a lot more than just wearing trendy clothes. In fact, fashion has always helped people communicate their personalities and make style statements.

But making a fashion statement is more complex than it looks. There’s always a fine line between making a style statement and being an absolute disaster!

That's why we've rounded up tips and tricks to help you make an effortless fashion statement.

Mix Up Styles for a Twist

Fashion doesn't have rigid rules to box any particular style. Most people opt for complementary colors that still allow them to blend in. But to make a style statement, one has to think out of the box. Creating a whole new look with different styles is the perfect fashion statement. Throwing in a flowing, feminine skirt with an edgy t-shirt or jacket is an unexpected twist that will make the wearer stand out. Another more subtle example is pairing a feminine white blouse with boyfriend jeans.

A New Take on the Classics

Most people advise not fix a thing that isn’t broken. But those rules don’t apply to fashion, especially when it’s about making a style statement. An example is to take a different take on the timeless little black dress by adding a pop of color. Swapping black for the sophisticated little white dress will also make for an interesting statement. It’ll surely be the talk of the cocktail party.

Topping it with nude accessories will make the look more elegant.

Glamorize Everyday Looks

Though it’s important to balance glamor with an outfit to make it stand out without looking overdressed. The best way to do it is with accessories! When it comes to styling an outfit, accessories can make a fashion statement. It doesn’t matter if the accessory is a piece of jewelry or a scarf, it should be the focal point of the outfit.

Wear Slogan Tees

Wearing tees with important slogans on things that matter is the perfect style statement for those who want to make a bold statement (quite literally). These tees can help you portray your personality and what you believe in.

This style statement has the power to change the world, start important conversations with strangers, and convey important messages without saying a word.


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