How to Make Your Fashion Brand Size-Inclusive

May 15, 2023

Size-inclusive fashion lines are all the rage these days and for all the right reasons. People frown upon unhealthily skinny models walking runaways and demand brands to be more size-inclusive.

Size-inclusive fashion makes people more accepting of their body types and helps them appreciate their bodies in ways that they deserve to be appreciated. Here’s how you can make your brand a favorite amongst consumers too:

Invest in Stretchable Fabrics

Glamorous shapewear might look attractive, but it loses its charm pretty quickly once the wearer realizes how restricted their body movements are. Whether a person is petite or plus-sized, everyone wants to feel good in their skin. A piece of clothing can make or break a person’s confidence, which is why a person needs to feel good in whatever they choose to wear.


Stretchable fabric allows the manufacturer to create stunning cutouts for their consumer while not compromising on the garment's comfort. Comfort and fashion don’t have to be mutually exclusive, after all.

Sample Garments Pre-Production to Add Perspective

Starting your own fashion line and keeping it running smoothly requires a person to make investments and efforts alike. With the ever-rising inflation and skyrocketing prices of raw materials, a monetary loss can make an entrepreneur rethink the wisdom of quitting their 9-5. However, sampling a garment before sending it for mass production can not only save one from a financial loss but also put their work into perspective.

Sampling a garment on a model will let the designer make some final adjustments and let them see how a person of similar body shape might appear in it. From adding more flair to adding or dropping a couple of inches to the garment, pre-production sampling is a win-win for both the consumer and the manufacturer.

Target your Audience

Marketing is the key to a successful business venture, and it becomes all the more important when it comes to fashion. Target your audience and let them see that you care for them in more ways than one. Cater to their clothing needs and provide plus-sized clothing. Moreover, choose the right model for your articles. Hiring a petite model to showcase size-inclusive clothes might be off-putting for some, and your marketing may fall right off the mark.

Hiring models of different body types lets people perceive how a certain garment would look on their body type and attracts them to make a purchase.

A plus-sized woman wearing an abstract shirt

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