How to Market Your New Clothing Brand for Children

The children’s fashion industry has predicted growth of 5.1% annually till 2025, and is currently valued at $284,327. This means that right now is a perfect time for you to set up your children’s clothing brand.
Other than deciding the fashions and styles you will design and what kinds of garments you will sell, a major component of this venture lies in how to successfully market it. As a market, children aren’t all that different from adults, but there are some things that need to be kept in mind when creating an effective marketing strategy for a children’s clothing brand.

A Memorable Brand Identity

Every brand needs to be memorable in order to build consumer preference and then work their way up to consumer loyalty. This is usually done with unique and off-beat ad campaigns that stick with the consumer. With children, this is a bit different.

When marketing a children’s brand, it’s best to keep things simple. A catchy tune or a rhyming catchphrase should do the trick. Kids won’t understand complicated ads but will definitely pick up on a good jingle and sing it all day. This will help them to remember your brand, and possibly ask their parents to buy your clothing items for them.

Create Social Media Buzz

While teenagers are definitely more inclined to using social media, children don’tfall too far behind either. Having an active Instagram page can keep your brandrelevant and can grow your consumer base by creating more awareness about yourproduct. More than this, though, children often watch cartoons on YouTube. This may also serve as a good platform for advertisements between a child’s favorite cartoon, so you know you’ll be reaching your desired target audience.

Children using smartphones and social media for entertainment.

Engaging the Relevant People

You may have noticed that makeup brands have started sending makeup bloggers and influencers PR packages to promote their products. This is excellent practice, because a makeup blog would naturally have thousands of followers who are interested in makeup, so to display their products there would be a sure way to gain attention from the right people. You can do the same thing for your clothing brand.

When marketing to kids, you’re also marketing to their parents, because at the end of the day, it’s them making the purchase. There are tons of mommy bloggers that you can send your products to in the form of a PR package and ask them to promote your brand on their social media. This will ensure that more moms are aware of your brand and are persuaded to buy your products for their kids.

If you’re still unsure about how to market your brand correctly, our marketing services at Lefty Production Co. can assist you in this journey. Apart from this, we also offer children’s wear manufacturing services in Los Angeles, which makes our business a perfect one-stop-solution for your children’s clothing brand.

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