How To Write Garment Descriptions Your Readers Will Understand

December 29, 2020

What’s the first thing you look at when browsing for a cropped blazer? The description, of course. Research shows that 87% of consumers rate the product content is extremely important when deciding whether to buy it.

But how do you market your products to fashion bloggers and entrepreneurs? For starters, remember the two C’s: completeness and clarity. A study found that 20% of purchase failures were a result of unclear and missing information about the product. Here’s a beginner’s guide on writing incredible garment descriptions that sell.

Write for the Target Audience, Not Just the Product

You have to understand what characteristics define your potential customers to describe a product well. One way of doing that is to explain those product features that would most appeal to your niche. The buyer persona for a person looking for a salt-lamp would be a shopper looking for all-natural home remedies, perhaps for allergies, not just any other regular lamp.

Detail the Product Benefits—Let Your USP Shine!

Your buyers want to read how your product benefits them, among other relevant details. If you want your men’s wear collection to sell, you have to explain what makes it unique to your audience, showing them that you understand what they need. If you see your clients sighing with relief, after reading the tag “cruelty-free garments,” you’re on the right track.

A spectacled man in fashionable men’s wear smiling while looking upward

Use Power Words: Curiosity and Enthusiasm Sells!

You may have heard the expression; knowledge is power. So are specific words and phrases. Certain words naturally elicit an emotional response. For example, words like chic, breathtaking, jaw-dropping or sensational can convince your buyers to add that fit-and-flare gown from your bridal wear to their carts.

Using Search-Engine Friendly Keywords are The Key to Success

Attracting customers to your website means you use the right keywords. How else will you convince them that your women’s wear is worth it? Black lingerie, for example, can quickly help buyers find the perfect sleeping suit on your website. We’re getting goosebumps imagining a seamless online experience for your buyers.

Make the Text Easy to Scan

Bullet points are your best friend. Research shows that people only read around 16% of what’s on a page. They love to skim and hate to read. You want to be sure that your buyers go through the important information to convince them to buy your swimwear and athletic wear.

You can try as many tactics as you want, but if the quality of your products is poor, they won’t sell. We also offer hourly consulting services for men’s wear, women’s wear, and children’s wear, including bridal wear, swimwear, athletic wear and lingerie. Book an appointment now to consult the experts on all things fashion!

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