How Your Home-Based Fashion Business Can Benefit from Professionally Made Patterns

June 22, 2020

LA continues to be a fashion industry hub. Countless home-based fashion designers in the state aspire to have their collection exhibited on runways one day. These designers have the passion and the creative zest to make their dreams come true. However, getting your fashion line to the top is a herculean task.  

Home-based designers don’t just fulfill the role of the designer; they also need to be entrepreneurs, accountants, marketers,and sales representatives.

The production process can be quite taxing,so it’s best to partner with a professional garment manufacturer in Los Angeles.Doing so will streamline pattern making, bringing your fantastic creations to life in no time.

Pattern making

Pattern making is the first stage of the production process. After fashion designers sketch intricate, detailed pieces,pattern makers take the design and translate it to real-life materials. Technical designers create templates that are used to sew clothes. These templates are carefully drawn up and cut according to the specified body contours and fits.

Pattern making is not a modern invention. It has been a part of the fashion process for centuries. All that’s changed is the ramping up of technology use in an already ever-changing industry.

The methods used depend on the manufacturer you choose to partner with. They either use block techniques or use design software to create the perfect template.

Block techniques involve cutting and wrapping muslin cloth to create templates. The templates can be used for numerous sizes once made. Design software such as CAD allows the design to be molded to virtual mannequins so designers can see the final product.  

It doesn't matter what technique is used as long as it's done professionally and expertly. It’s important to remember that it’s not just the design that’s important—the final creation and how it flows on the body matters just as much, if not more. Pattern making is thus the make or break stage.

Hire a professional

To a novice, pattern making may seem like it’s as simple as chalking out a design based on measurements; surely, a fashion designer can do this independently. But hiring a professional will ensure that nothing inhibits your fashion career.

A professional pattern maker not only has basic knowledge of sewing, but they also know their fabrics. This knowledge and technical expertise will help your creations have the edge over countless others.

If you are looking for a professional garment pattern maker in Los Angeles, look no further. The experts at Lefty Production Co. guarantee you a pattern making job well done. Visit our website or call us at (323)515-9266 to learn about how we can help you achieve your dreams.

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