Important Factors To Make Your Brand Competitive in the Clothing Market

September 19, 2019

Fast-fashion rules the fashion industry. By mass-producing hundreds of thousands of items season after season, fast-fashion brands can offer consumers irresistible prices, which help them make huge profits.

In an industry that is dominated by fast-fashion giants, is it possible for small fashion houses to survive?

Small fashion brands don’t have the luxury of economies of scale. They need to figure out alternative ways to compete with fast-fashion brands that offer trendy clothing at low prices.

Here are a couple of ways small fashion businesses can compete with the giants of the fashion industry:

Focus On What Makes You Unique

Regardless of how successful mass-produced, fast-fashion items continue to be, customers do value uniqueness. People don’t want to go into a party only to see someone else wearing the exact clothes as them.

Take a moment to think about your purpose. What’s your story? What do you want your designs to say about you? What are your principles? Who are the people you want to appeal to?

If you need some inspiration, check out Desigual, a Spanish clothing brand that has made a name for itself across the globe with its quirky patchwork designs, use of graffiti art, vivid colors and intense prints.

Prioritize Quality over Quantity

The major drawback of fast-fashion is that it focuses on the quantity of merchandise offered instead of offering quality. Fast-fashion items wear down a lot quicker than high-quality items sold at a high-end boutique or department store.

As a small fashion business, you can appeal to customers by offering better quality. Start by selling a limited assortment of goods of exceptional quality. Once you have a steady flow of customers, you can think of introducing more product lines.


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