Introducing Lefty Production Co.’s Automated Laser Cutter!

March 15, 2019

Thanks to revolutionary advancements in technology, automation for industrial machines is experiencing exponential growth year after year.

New developments in fiber technology and powerful lasers are alleviating the bottleneck in the cutting process. As the industry deals with increased costs due to rising wages and difficulties in finding qualified professionals, technology is more important than ever.

Automation is the need of the hour! Manufacturers can’t remain competitive without automating their processes.

Lefty Production’s Automated Laser Cutter

Lefty Production Co. now has a brand-new automated laser cutter that allows us to cut complex shapes of varying thicknesses to the client’s exact specifications. It’s efficient, precise and can easily be adapted to meet the changing needs of different clothing lines and clients.

Compared to other machinery used in garment manufacturing, automated laser cutters generate far less waste and produce cleaner lines and edges.

Cost vs. Quality

Our automated laser cutting technology gives you high-quality components and reduces your overall costs. This allows you to sell products at a more affordable price. As a result, your customers get higher quality products at lower prices than many direct competitors!

Laser-cutting enables us to be more flexible in the manufacturing process. Our automated laser cutter is equipped with a laser that has a lot of heat intensity which can be raised or lowered. It can accurately and cleanly cut all kinds of materials.

Fashion Industry Applications

An automated laser cutter is incredibly versatile in the world of fashion; its flexibility and precision are unmatched. It enables manufacturers to cut unique patterns into fabrics (cutouts), create patterns and refine finished garments and accessories.

The cutter’s laser beam seamlessly burns synthetic materials, ensuring that the production of lint is limited and waste is reduced.

With our automated laser cutter, you’ll get tidy, beautifully sealed edges that are a hallmark of high-quality brands.

The use of lasers in the garment manufacturing industry is quickly gaining popularity among distinguished designers.

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